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favorite game every year since you were born

I can't remember where or how long ago I saw this trend popping up, but I've had this iPhone note living on my phone for a few years now that I never completed that I want to share. The idea is to go through each year since your birth year and pick your favorite game from that year.

But since I'm pushing 30, and going through 20-some years worth of games would take forever, I stopped working on the list at the 2004 mark, which leaves me with 10 years worth of games (with some honorable mentions).

I challenge you to go through at least 10 years worth of games since you were born, and let me know what your list looks like here. Here's what my list looks like:

year game
1994 donkey kong country
1995 donkey kong country 2
1996 pokemon blue
1997 final fantasy 7
1997 (honorable mention) Jersey Devil for PS1
1998 zelda: ocarina of time
1999 pokemon snap
1999 (honorable mentions) super smash bros. and yugioh: forbidden memories
2000 pokemon puzzle league
2001 halo
2002 kingdom hearts
2003 socom 2
2004 cave story or kingdom hearts chain of memories

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