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personal blogs are more fun to read, but i still can't write one

Bearblog's discover page has an endless list of blogs to read, some personal, others more abstract and about giving advice or suggestions. And even though I think the personal blogs are objectively more fun to read, I still can't bring myself to write about myself.

I'm not confused about why - I know the reason I don't want to write about myself is because I have such a large distrust of putting a single ounce of personal information out on the Internet, which I why I write blogs like this one about a musician or this one about things I learned running my website or this one about tech interviews and why they suck.

It makes me consider why I even started the blog in the first place. I'm not necessarily writing the same content that I enjoy reading, and if I'm just writing abstract or impersonal blogs that I think are boring, why would I expect anyone else to read?

There are some Bearblog members who do a fantastic job at putting their words on the screen like Tadima who wrote multiple times about losing her dog, which is terrible but prompted me to read almost every other blog entry. Or Tiramisu who writes extremely often and with such great visuals. Or Alinda who gets really personal, in my opinion, but gosh do I enjoy reading.

The ironic part is even though I'm talking about wanting to get more personal, I just don't think it's in the cards - and that's going to have to just be okay. Maybe I just blog less, but it's still nice knowing I'm a part of this niche little community here on Bearblog.

okay goodbye now

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