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don't sleep on rosie tucker

Okay okay I know music recommendations usually get no reads and your eyes are probably going to gloss over this, but I think I need to write on this artist that randomly popped on my Spotify a few years ago, and I have been listening to religiously since the pandemic: Rosie Tucker is an LA-based singer-songwriter, who makes some kinda mix of alternative/pop/folk/midwest-emo music - at least that's how I read it.

Their music is really fucking good. Like just listen to this song while you're reading this blog post (or just skip the blog post entirely and listen to the song it's that good) (youtube link) (spotify link). And then after you're done, listen to the rest of that album.

I listen to a lot of genres and artists, but in spite of that, I think I can count on one hand how many artists' discography and I can listen to all the way through when I'm driving somewhere or cleaning the house. Even bands I love who make unbelievable music, like Pierce the Veil and Origami Angel - I find myself not going all the way back to their early stuff super often. Rosie Tucker has bops from their first album and then just gets better and better with their second album and third album.

There are very few artists that don't miss with their album releases, and Rosie is one of them. I remember an interview from Dan Campbell of the Wonder Years talking about Modern Baseball, and he said he was so annoyed at how talented Modern Baseball right off the bat because it took Dan years (in his opinion) to put out quality stuff (and I agree, Modern Baseball is another band I will listen to front-to-back). And I would say Rosie has qualities that put them in that league: their writing is matured and not cringey (which some bands obviously have issues with early on), their vocal range is wide as a MF (and unreal to see in person), and they also layer vocals in a fun way, which I'm a sucker for - I started realizing recently all my favorite music usually has some kind of multi-layered harmonizing tracks.

Anyway, I'm not going to make this blog post super long for all the reasons I listed in the first sentence of this post, but if you take anything from this article, just click the first link I swear you'll like it.

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